A tail of survival: how a Colorado community found Pepper

Story with a happy ending for a dog lost and found among snowdrifts after 10 days. The family is finally reunited thanks to the invaluable help of a shelter and all the volunteers who contributed to ensuring the four-legged friend returned home

For ten long days, a family’s beloved pet, a Bernese Mountain Dog-Labrador mix named Pepper, braved the harsh Colorado winter, separated from her warm home and loving family. This incredible story of survival and the tireless efforts of both the family and a local lost pet rescue group to bring her back highlights the strong bond between humans and their furry companions.

A cold disappearance

In late February, Pepper found herself lost. Wasting no time, her family reached out to Summit Lost Pet Rescue, a local organization dedicated to finding lost pets. The volunteers sprung into action, employing a standard procedure for lost pets, which included setting up a scent-based trap with the dog’s bedding and the owner’s worn clothes, installing cameras, posting on social media, alerting neighbors, and distributing flyers.

A search with no end in sight

Despite their best efforts, Pepper was nowhere to be found, leading to speculation that she might have left Colorado or been taken in by a passerby. Given the heavy snowfall at the time, it was also possible she was trapped somewhere.

An unexpected discovery

On the tenth day, a breakthrough occurred. Kevin, a volunteer, and his dog Finn pinpointed a specific area not far from the family’s home. There, among piles of snow and uprooted trees, was Pepper, taking shelter under a fallen tree near a stream. It took three people to rescue her, but eventually, Pepper was safe and back in the arms of her family.

A happy ending

Upon returning home, Pepper was taken to the vet, who confirmed she was in good health. This story serves as a testament to the determination of the community and the resilience of a beloved pet.

Source: Summit Lost Pet Rescue, Inc./Facebook

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