Nobel Peace Prize 2024: Elon Musk in the running for prestigious award

Norwegian MP Marius Nilsen has officially nominated Elon Musk for the 2024 Nobel Peace Prize. The reasons include the management of X, having provided free internet in Ukraine and his efforts to expand humanity's knowledge of space

The South African magnate, Elon Musk, renowned for founding Tesla and SpaceX, has been officially nominated for the 2024 Nobel Peace Prize. The nomination was put forward by Marius Nilsen, a member of Norway’s Progress Party, a liberal conservative group.

Nilsen disclosed to the local newspaper Agderposten that he has officially nominated the world’s wealthiest man as a candidate to succeed the 2023 laureate, Narges Mohammadi. Being a parliamentarian from a sovereign state grants him the full right to do so.

The choice of Musk, Nilsen explains, is due to the Tesla CEO’s vigorous defense of dialogue, freedom of speech, and the right to express one’s opinions in an increasingly polarized world.

Nilsen particularly commended Musk’s management of X (formerly known as Twitter), despite several controversial decisions that sparked debate, such as the introduction of fees for blue checks and less control over the algorithm.

Free Starlink in Ukraine and Contributions to Space Exploration

The Norwegian MP also acknowledged Musk’s humanitarian efforts through the Starlink project, which provided free internet connectivity to the Ukrainian populace during the early stages of the conflict with Russia.

He emphasized Musk’s active endeavor to “improve society, enhance knowledge of Earth and Space,” and “enable global communication and connectivity,” contributing to making the world “more connected and safer.”

Despite the nomination, it remains to be seen whether Musk will be the actual recipient of the prestigious award, as the Nobel Peace Prize category often features hundreds of notable nominees, and the selection process is famously intricate. The official announcement of the winner, to be decided by the five members of the selection committee, is expected on October 11, 2024.

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