Innovative solution from Kenya converts air into drinkable water

Beth Koigi, with Majik Water, transforms air into drinkable water through an advanced dehumidifier, improving the lives of millions of people

In Europe, when we want a glass of water, we simply turn on the tap. We often take for granted the availability of potable water around the clock. In Kenya, as in many other African countries, clean drinking water isn’t always accessible. As of 2024, two billion people worldwide lack access to safe drinking water, according to a UNICEF report.

The consequences can be deadly, especially for children who contract diseases like cholera and dysentery from contaminated water. In an effort to provide potable water to as many people as possible, the Kenyan start-up Majik Water has developed an innovative technology that produces drinking water from air.

The vision of Beth Koigi

This invention is the brainchild of Beth Koigi, who personally faced the issue of water contamination during her university studies. Initially, she created an activated carbon filter to purify liquid water. Later, she developed the Majik Water project, aiming to provide clean drinking water to more people. The initial prototype consisted of a silica gel combined with a condensation system. After several tests, Beth designed a dehumidifier that transforms air into drinkable water.

Majik water


How Majik Water works

The Majik Water invention might prompt one to wonder: why didn’t we think of this earlier? The system comprises several components: a large fan draws in air and sends it to an electrostatic filter. The filtered air then passes through a refrigerated coil, where condensation occurs. The condensed water is collected in storage tanks, ready for consumption. Majik Water can treat up to 132 gallons (500 liters) of water per day under optimal climatic conditions.

Purification and mineralization process

Air humidity and rainwater are neither pure nor mineralized. As they travel through the atmosphere, they absorb various pollutants, such as pesticides, and lack essential minerals for health. Majik Water produces potable water from the air, which is then treated and mineralized through several processes:

  • Reverse Osmosis: Water is filtered through a semi-permeable membrane.
  • Activated Carbon Filter: Removes contaminants and pesticides, improving taste.
  • Mineralization: The system adds calcium and magnesium, essential minerals for children’s growth.

Through Majik Water, the inventor hopes to help solve the issue of access to potable water, noting that in Kenya, 50% of the population lacks access to clean drinking water.


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