Germany unveils the Witznitz Energy Park: Europe’s largest solar installation

Witznitz Energy Park, Europe's largest photovoltaic park located south of Leipzig, represents an advance towards decarbonisation and innovation in the photovoltaic sector in 2024

In the heart of Europe, on a site once home to a coal mine, now stands the Witznitz Energy Park in Germany, the continent’s largest solar park. Opened in 2024, this facility is not just a testament to the resilience of the European solar sector amid recent trade tensions but also signifies a major leap in the energy transition.

This installation boasts an impressive capacity of 605 MW and spans an area of approximately 1,235 acres, previously occupied by an open-pit coal mine. Known as the Witznitz Energy Park, it was developed by MOVE ON Energy on behalf of Hansainvest Real Assets, with Shell Energy Europe securing its electrical output for the next fifteen years.

Record and innovations in the field of renewable energies

The Witznitz Energy Park has surpassed the former record held by the Francisco Pizarro solar plant in Spain, which had a capacity of 553 MW. Christoph Lüken, Managing Director of Hansainvest Real Assets, emphasized the project’s significance in the current  market context and expressed gratitude towards partners who contributed to its completion. The facility not only sets a new record but also symbolizes progress towards decarbonization and energy transition.

Located about 30 kilometers south of Leipzig, the Witznitz solar park utilizes an area of 1,235 acres, with an additional 370 acres allocated for environmental compensation. The project includes revitalization initiatives for the area, such as the creation of 8 miles of bike and pedestrian paths with resting areas, integrating energy production with land renewal. The site will also be used to test agriculture compatible under solar panels. Additionally, the project plans to install an extra 45 MW of capacity, which will be connected to the grid by the summer, further elevating the park’s level of innovation and sustainability.

Source: Hansainvest Real Assets

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