When bad taste becomes haute couture: exploring the latest fashion controversies

A pair of jeans with a clear stain at pubic level, sold at a price of gold (and already unobtainable): where is fashion going?

In recent years, the fashion industry has begun what many see as the start of an inevitable decline.

The insatiable desire of many consumers for increasingly unique clothing and accessories often results in creations that are the antithesis of good taste.

The pee-stained jeans phenomenon

Take, for example, the new clothing item launched by the Jordanluca brand from designers Jordan Bowen and Luca Marchetto: the pee-stained jeans.

The name is quite self-explanatory: these are jeans that feature a “wet effect” stain around the crotch, both front and back, mimicking a urine mark.

Think it’s in poor taste? The market actually greatly appreciated this novelty,” and despite being priced at an exorbitant $811 (just over €750), the jeans are already sold out. They have become a sensation thanks to social media buzz, quickly becoming the new irresistible object of desire.

A mockery of consumerism?

This product—embarrassing, irreverent, disgusting—is actually a way to denounce the excessively foolish and consumerist drift of our society.

More famous (and expensive) examples include the fashion brand Balenciaga turning a roll of duct tape into an expensive bracelet and a towel into an equally pricey skirt.

But what is the message behind this fashion trend that seems to draw from trash and filth to create new garments—then sold as precious items? Where have taste, refinement, and the elegance of haute-couture gone?

On one hand, the creators behind the pee-stained jeans explain that they aim to prompt consumers to reflect on the capitalist world and the fetishization of consumerism that we are all (more or less) unwitting victims of.

On the other hand, and this is the more severe aspect, a clever marketing operation is all it takes for any object to suddenly become highly desirable and hard to find—even if it’s a pair of urine-stained pants.

In this way, the act of protest is not only misunderstood but even turns into an unexpected source of profit for those who initiated it.

Sources: JordanLuca / TikTok

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