Vinted’s “too many” campaign addresses clothing overconsumption

We continue to buy clothes that we don't need, finding ourselves overwhelmed by them but without realizing it: this commercial wants to make us reflect and invite us to get rid of what is too much

With the “Too Many” campaign, Vinted aims to prompt reflection on the excessive consumption of clothing and accessories, encouraging people to rid their wardrobes of excess items through the Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C) platform.

Created by the Dutch agency Wolfstreet and distributed in various countries including Denmark, Romania, Hungary, Lithuania, and Sweden, the campaign seeks to instill a sense of guilt in consumers through evocative films and images.

The sequences show people literally buried under their own clothing: a man running on a treadmill dragging dozens of sneakers, a woman facing a mirror with a pile of hats on her head, and a series of accessories that highlight the excess of consumption.

Clothing purchases have increased by 60% compared to a15 years Ago

The video, directed by Fabio de Frel, offers a powerful visual representation of the phenomenon of excessive accumulation of clothes and accessories. Alongside the evocative images, statistical data is provided that highlights the exponential increase in clothing production over the last 20 years and the growing consumption by consumers.

According to statistics, the average consumer buys 60% more clothes than they did 15 years ago, a trend fueled by the fast fashion industry. The “Too Many” campaign thus invites people to reconsider their relationship with clothing and accessories, encouraging them to become more responsible and aware of their consumption choices.

Additionally, it proposes to free up space in wardrobes and offers the possibility of giving clothes and accessories a second life, thereby helping to reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry and curb waste and excessive consumption.

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