The heartbreaking story of Sara Cantagalli

There is no more hope for Sara, but before leaving she will be able to see some of her dreams come true thanks to the commitment of many who are joining the crowdfunding campaign for her

The touching story of little Sara Cantagalli, a 5-year-old girl from Italy, is moving everyone. For two years, she has been fighting against a rare stage four neuroblastoma. After a lengthy battle and various treatments, the doctors at Sant’Orsola Hospital in Bologna have made the tough decision to stop chemotherapy.

The disease has begun to resist treatment, and continuing would have been counterproductive, only leading to needless suffering for the little girl. From the checks done, unfortunately, there is nothing more that can be done, and intensifying the therapy would have only harmed Sara, who in recent days struggled to be active and just wanted to sleep.

A last challenge

However, Sara’s parents, Mattia and Maria, refuse to give in to despair. They have decided to take on one last challenge: fulfilling as many of their daughter’s wishes as possible. With the help of a volunteer known as “The Children’s Santa Claus”, they have launched a crowdfunding campaign on social media to raise funds and give Sara moments of happiness and peace.

A touching wishlist

The wishlist of little Sara is heartrending and filled with simple childhood joys: from being a princess in a castle for a day, to skiing, cultivating flowers in a nursery, and visiting amusement parks like Disneyland and Gardaland. Each wish represents a dream that the little girl has nurtured during her brief life.

The volunteer, through the Facebook page “The Children’s Santa Claus,” has invited anyone who can help to contact him, providing their name, surname, and telephone number along with the wish they would like to contribute to. It is a heartfelt appeal for solidarity and generosity, so that Sara can experience moments of joy and carefreeness despite the adversities.

Immediate Response

The response was immediate: some wishes have already been booked, such as a visit to the Genova Aquarium and a holiday by the sea. Every act of support, whether material or financial, represents a ray of hope for little Sara and her family, who face this difficult life challenge with courage and determination.

The solidarity shown towards Sara is a tangible example of how unity truly makes strength. Every contribution, no matter how small it may seem, is a step towards fulfilling the dreams of this little girl in the hope that her parents can fulfill at least some of her wishes before it’s too late.

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