Embracing early nights: how Gen Z is redefining wellness through sleep

Other than "doing after" and staying up all night, for young people of Generation Z the priority is to sleep well and sufficiently, to promote their mental health and psychophysical well-being

The tradition of staying up late seems to be fading into the past, particularly among Generation Z, who are enthusiastically adopting the idea of hitting the hay early and clocking in long hours of sleep. On social media platforms like TikTok, the hashtag #earlynight is going viral, highlighting a significant shift in mindset from previous generations.

The changing culture of sleep

While Millennials were known to extend their evenings well into the wee hours, Gen Z members are choosing to prioritize a good night’s sleep to ensure optimal health and well-being.

This isn’t just about going to bed early; it’s also about getting the right amount of sleep, often aiming for a total of 9 hours. This trend reflects a growing focus on mental health and physical well-being, values that Gen Z considers essential for a balanced life.

According to recent studies cited by the New York Post, people in their twenties in 2022 averaged 9 hours and 28 minutes of sleep per night, marking a significant increase from the past. This change in habits reflects an increasing awareness of the benefits of sleep for both the body and the mind.

Beyond bedtime: a lifestyle shift

Parallel to the choice of hitting the sack early is a rising trend in reducing alcohol consumption among Gen Z members. This demonstrates a more responsible approach to their health and well-being, foregoing harmful behaviors in favor of a more balanced lifestyle.

The hashtag #earlynight, which represents this life philosophy, is quickly gaining popularity on TikTok, with many young people sharing positive experiences and testimonials about the benefits of going to bed early.

This phenomenon highlights the fact that Generation Z is increasingly leaning towards a healthy and conscious lifestyle, placing a high emphasis on their physical and mental well-being. This suggests that the #earlynight hashtag is not just a passing trend but reflects a significant cultural shift within Generation Z, prioritizing sleep and wellness over a hectic and intense social life.

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