Discovery of historic bottles at George Washington’s Mount Vernon

Little big treasure discovered on George Washington's estate in Virginia. Its cellar held an exceptional surprise according to archaeologists

A historic home can hold many surprises, and the renowned residence of George Washington at Mount Vernon, Virginia, is no exception. Recently, archaeologists uncovered several buried bottles in the cellar of this iconic structure.

They found 35 bottles, 29 of which are in pristine condition despite their age. Experts believe these bottles date back to the 18th century and have not seen the light of day since the American Revolution.


A significant amount of time has passed, so what do these glass bottles contain? Researchers recently made an astonishing discovery. Inside the bottles, they found fruit, primarily cherries and possibly gooseberries.

A small sample of the contents was sent to the United States Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service laboratories. Initial analyses of the samples revealed the presence of 54 cherry pits and 23 cherry stems, among other findings.


The cuts on the stems suggest that the fruits were carefully selected. While the exact type of cherry remains unknown, researchers believe it to be a sour variety, which likely aided in preservation.

This discovery is truly significant. Nothing like this has ever been found before in North America and it provides a valuable testimony to the country’s history.


“We now possess a great quantity of artifacts and materials to analyze, which could offer a powerful glimpse into the origins of our nation,” said Doug Bradburn, president of the Mount Vernon site.

The bottles were likely forgotten in the cellar when George Washington left his residence. They have remained there for over 250 years. Experts now hope to germinate the cherry pits.

Currently, the bottles are at the Mount Vernon complex’s archaeology lab, awaiting preservation procedures. This discovery comes just in time for the upcoming celebrations of America’s founding, set for 2026.

What better gift than a small but significant treasure from the estate of the nation’s first president!

Source: Mount Vernon

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