World Environment Day and the pursuit of happiness

Today June 5th is World Environment Day, since 2015 most planetary limits have been exceeded. What does it mean? That we could be increasingly unhappy because of this: without a deep respect for the environment there can be no future not even for us, who are a legitimate and integral part of it

Can we achieve happiness on World Environment Day? Absolutely, if we put our full effort into reviving forests, replenishing water sources, restoring fertility to depleted soils, and stabilizing the climate. Our health and happiness are intrinsically linked to the health of our planet.

Rising cancer rates among the young

A study published in BMJ Oncology reveals a staggering increase of nearly 80% in new cancer cases among those under 50 over the past three decades. Researchers are investigating the causes of this surge, considering factors like lifestyle, diets rich in meat, and exposure to environmental and food pollutants.

Planetary limits and our happiness

From 1945 to 2024, the global human population has more than tripled, from about 2.3 billion to over 8 billion. During this period, we have warmed the Earth by over 1.8 °F. Our “take-make-waste” economy has depleted resources. The rate at which we degrade soil threatens global food security; many minerals and metals commonly used in production are wasted, causing severe environmental consequences; half of the Earth’s land is now farmland or livestock areas; and 9 out of 10 people worldwide breathe unhealthy air.

We know that the Earth has limits that should not be exceeded, yet since 2015, at least six have been surpassed, with freshwater usage joining the list in 2023. Concurrently, the happiness of Italians is declining.

World Happiness Report

@World Happiness Report


Conclusion? It’s Simple

Investing in healthcare and mental health is essential, and institutions should foster socio-environmental conditions that encourage healthy lifestyles. This is not a difficult step, given that it concerns everyone’s life.

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