Waorani leader vows to resist Ecuador’s oil drilling plans

Nemonte Nenquimo and the Waorani do not give up: they will not let the president of Ecuador restart oil drilling in the Amazon and are ready to fight

Nemonte Nenquimo, leader of the Waorani people, has stated that Ecuador’s president will not cease oil drilling in the Amazon, but she vows to fiercely oppose it. In 2019, Nenquimo led a successful campaign that prevented the government from auctioning off half a million acres of Waorani territory.

This legal victory proved that the government had failed to obtain the free, prior, and informed consent of the indigenous communities. Despite this, current President Daniel Noboa is attempting to resume drilling on indigenous lands, disregarding a 2023 referendum that called for a ban on oil exploration in Yasuní National Park.

Nenquimo and her people have protected the rainforest, indigenous autonomy, and the global climate from deforestation. Their efforts have safeguarded their homes and the future of their children. Yasuní, one of the most biodiverse places on Earth, is also home to the Tagaeri and Taromenane communities, who live in voluntary isolation.

The President seeks deals with international mining companies

Despite Noboa’s campaign promises, once in office, the president declared a state of emergency, militarized the country, and sought agreements with international mining companies. His administration has refused to honor the referendum, continuing to extract oil from the rainforest.

Nenquimo and the Waorani are prepared to continue their fight. Their wealth lies in the forest, alive and rich with ancestral knowledge. They do not intend to succumb to oil dependency. They urge Noboa to keep his promises, halt the drilling in Yasuní immediately, and sign the fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty. Nemonte hopes Noboa will prove different from his predecessors by listening to his people and respecting the law.

Should Noboa fail to do so, the Waorani are ready to fight once again, determined to protect their homes and future. The strength of Ecuador’s indigenous nations will be felt, demonstrating to the world the value of their lives and environment.

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