Top sustainable cities around the world

The Global Destination Sustainability Index has drawn up the ranking of the most sustainable cities in the world based on their commitment to a greener and fairer future

The Global Destination Sustainability Index has spotlighted cities making significant strides in promoting sustainability and reducing carbon emissions, thus contributing to a better world. These cities stand out not just for their beauty and culture but for their tangible commitment to a greener, more equitable future.

Göteborg, Sweden: a beacon of sustainability

At the top of the list is Göteborg, Sweden, a city that has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to sustainability over the years. With 95% of public transportation running on renewable energy and a strong bicycle infrastructure, Göteborg has earned recognition as the most sustainable city in the world in 2021 and has maintained that position since.

Oslo, Norway: green initiatives amid economic challenges

Oslo, Norway, claims the second spot, with initiatives like electric vehicle charging stations and a vast heritage of green spaces, making up 63% of its municipal territory. Even though reliant on the oil industry, Oslo is making significant strides toward sustainability, proving that a green future is attainable even in challenging economic contexts.

Glasgow, Scotland: promoting environmental awareness

Third place goes to Glasgow, Scotland, distinguished by its commitment to increasing environmental awareness among residents and visitors. With over 90 parks and 63% of its municipal territory consisting of forests, Glasgow ranks among the UK’s greenest cities, showcasing that nature and sustainability can coexist in an urban setting.

Bordeaux, France: sustainable tourism and fine wines

Bordeaux, France, is known not just for its exquisite wines but also for its efforts to become a more sustainable tourist destination, ranking fourth. With a comprehensive public transport network and initiatives like the eco-certified wine festival, Bordeaux demonstrates that tourism and sustainability can go hand in hand, contributing to environmental protection and responsible tourism.

Goyang, South Korea: a rising sustainable city

Goyang, South Korea, stands out as one of the most sustainable cities outside Europe, ranking fifth. With projects like reducing the carbon footprint in its convention centers and events, Goyang shows that lesser-known cities can significantly impact global sustainability.

These five cities offer concrete examples of how sustainability and carbon emission reduction are achievable across various contexts.

The World’s most sustainable cities ranking

Here’s a glance at the world’s most sustainable cities:

  1. Göteborg, Sweden
  2. Oslo, Norway
  3. Copenhagen, Denmark
  4. Helsinki, Finland
  5. Bergen, Norway
  6. Aarhus, Denmark
  7. Aalborg, Denmark
  8. Glasgow, United Kingdom
  9. Bordeaux, France
  10. Stockholm, Sweden
  11. Belfast, United Kingdom
  12. Zurich, Switzerland
  13. Lyon, France
  14. Goyang, South Korea
  15. Tirol, Austria
  16. Middelfart, Denmark
  17. Singapore
  18. Nyborg, Denmark
  19. Kerry, Ireland
  20. Skelleftea, Sweden
  21. Paris, France
  22. Odense, Denmark
  23. Songkhla, Thailand
  24. Bilbao, Spain
  25. Tampere, Finland
  26. Cork, Ireland
  27. Melbourne, Australia
  28. Faroe Islands
  29. Sydney, Australia
  30. Svendborg, Denmark
  31. Berlin, Germany
  32. Brussels, Belgium
  33. Montreal, Canada
  34. Barcelona, Spain
  35. Bangkok, Thailand
  36. Geneva, Switzerland
  37. Brisbane, Australia
  38. Clare, Ireland
  39. Galway, Ireland
  40. Milan, Italy

This ranking highlights cities around the globe that are making remarkable efforts to ensure a sustainable future for all.

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