The future of green energy: Quebec leads with eco-friendly water turbines

Idénergie's innovative tidal turbine, portable and recyclable, marks a turning point in the production of renewable energy in Quebec: with its simple installation and constant efficiency, it promises a greener future accessible to all

In the quest for sustainable energy solutions, the spotlight often lands on solar and wind power. However, the potential of river water turbines is emerging as a formidable contender, promising constant energy generation regardless of weather conditions. The efficiency of these devices hinges on the water’s speed and flow at their installation sites. A standout example of such innovation comes from Quebec, where Idénergie has unveiled a groundbreaking portable and fully recyclable tidal turbine. This economically accessible solution aims to democratize clean energy access for a broad spectrum of users, including individuals, businesses, and local governments.

In Quebec: a land of waterways and opportunity

With its abundance of rivers, Quebec presents a unique opportunity to champion local sustainable energy usage. The region’s over 3,000 rivers make it a prime location for tidal turbine installations. Idénergie’s turbine is noted for its use of NACA profiled blades and a fully waterproof electric generator, ensuring easy setup without specialized skills and enabling a maximum energy production of 12 kWh per day.

Innovative features

Idénergie’s hydrokinetic system matches the energy output of twelve solar panels, boasting a technology that cuts maintenance costs by 50% compared to traditional gasoline generators and offers superior ecological sustainability. The Darrieus-type engine embedded within poses no threat to aquatic life, and the use of noble materials like aluminum, alongside other eco-friendly components, further elevates its ecological profile.

Moreover, the turbine can be fully recycled at the end of its lifecycle, highlighting the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability. This project not only underscores Quebec’s dedication to the energy transition but also serves as a replicable model for other water-rich regions, offering an effective strategy for actively engaging citizens toward a greener future.


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