Clearbot Robotics unveils revolutionary waterway cleaner

Clearbot Class 3 navigates autonomously thanks to AI and can store up to 1,100 pounds, operating with batteries and a solar panel.

Clearbot Robotics has launched its latest innovative device to combat waterway pollution, the Clearbot Class 3. This new autonomous electric boat is designed to address the growing problem of plastic waste and invasive plants in rivers and harbors.

Cutting-edge autonomous technology

Developed in collaboration with Razer, the Clearbot Class 3 employs artificial intelligence to autonomously navigate and collect floating debris and unwanted vegetation. Measuring approximately 13 feet in length, it functions like a “robotic vacuum cleaner” for waterways.

Equipped with an electric propulsion system powered by batteries and a solar panel to extend its operational range, the boat can effectively operate in confined aquatic environments such as canals and small bodies of water. Its catamaran structure allows agile maneuvering, while a conveyor at the front facilitates waste collection.

Impressive collection capabilities



The Clearbot Class 3 boasts impressive collection capabilities, being able to store up to 1,100 pounds of waste and collect up to 440 pounds of floating debris per hour. To further enhance its versatility, it can be fitted with a trailer, increasing the total load capacity to 3,300 pounds.

The boat is powered by a 3 kWh battery, providing up to 8 hours of continuous operation at a maximum speed of 3 knots (approximately 3.4 mph). In addition to its waste collection efficiency, the Clearbot Class 3 features advanced safety and environmental management functions.

Advanced safety features

A Full HD camera and an anti-collision system ensure safe navigation without posing risks to aquatic wildlife. The use of an advanced recognition device prevents any harmful contact with fish during cleaning operations.

The most impressive aspect of this device is its operational autonomy: once the route is set by the operator, artificial intelligence autonomously manages the cleaning activities. This makes the Clearbot Class 3 not only efficient but also highly adaptable to different conditions and environmental needs.

Future availability

Despite its promising features, it is still unclear when or if the Clearbot Class 3 will be commercially available. However, its ability to tackle emerging environmental issues in water bodies represents a significant step towards the conservation and restoration of global aquatic ecosystems.

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