Bee-costumed crusaders take on urban gardening with a buzz

San Francisco is an icon for its green spaces, but even this lively city has completely abandoned areas and forgotten sidewalks. Shalaco and Phoenix McGee decided to take matters into their own hands by spreading native California wildflower seeds wherever they go. On a skateboard

Dressed in furry bee costumes complete with round glasses, Phoenix and Shalaco McGee might seem a bit peculiar at first glance. However, their distinctive attire serves a purpose far beyond mere fashion. The couple is on a mission that benefits not just their city but the entire globe, starting with the pollinators that play a crucial role in our ecosystem.

Phoenix and Shalaco’s deep-seated passion for all things flora and fauna, particularly California’s native wildflowers, has evolved into a significant endeavor. This includes a popular TikTok account boasting over 340,000 followers and a line of wildflower seed mixes, as well as dedicating days to guerrilla gardening.

On their @SFinBloom account, the quirky duo shares their adventures and “flower bombing” escapades. They disperse wildflower seeds throughout San Francisco using a parmesan cheese shaker, all while on foot or skateboarding, and also provide gardening tips.

“We’ve managed to democratize gardening significantly,” states Shalaco, who identifies as a “child of the national parks.” He believes in removing gardening from its pedestal to make it accessible to everyone.

Through their social media presence, the couple hopes to inspire people to think globally but act locally when it comes to environmentalism.

“We see it as a gateway to voluntary conservation, civic pride, and civic duty,” Shalaco declares.

Their journey is undeniably one worth sharing. It suggests that beautifying our cities could very well be in our hands. Don’t you think?

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