Access to drinking water: a pressing global challenge

Moses West has created a device that sucks in air and converts it into drinkable water using less energy than traditional dehumidifiers

Access to potable water remains one of the most pressing challenges of our time, with over one in four people worldwide lacking it, according to a United Nations report. Entrepreneur Moses West has developed a device that could revolutionize the availability of drinking water in needy communities: the Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG).

How the atmospheric water generator works

West’s Atmospheric Water Generator operates by pulling in air from the surroundings, cooling it to condense the water vapor present, and converting it into drinkable water. This process, known as atmospheric water generation, takes advantage of the constant presence of water vapor in the air to produce pure water, suitable for human consumption.

West’s machine is specifically designed to search for and capture H2O molecules, thus creating a vital resource from air moisture. One of the most innovative features of West’s device is its energy efficiency.

Unlike traditional dehumidifiers, which consume a lot of energy, the Atmospheric Water Generator uses less energy to produce potable water. Additionally, it can be powered by renewable energies such as solar power, making it a sustainable option suitable for various climate and geographic conditions.

Water production capacity

The generator is capable of producing over 2,200 gallons (approximately 8,300 liters) of potable water per day, with plans to expand its capacity in the future. West’s nonprofit foundation collects donations to build these devices and distribute them free of charge to communities that need them most. So far, West has delivered his generators to various locations, including Puerto Rico, Flint in Michigan, Sandbranch in Texas, and even the United States Army. Currently, the foundation is working to provide clean water to urban gardens in Chicago, helping to reduce the city’s food deserts.

The humanitarian purpose

While West’s invention is not unique, it stands out for its humanitarian purpose. While other similar devices are sold commercially, West focuses exclusively on the free distribution of his generators to the most needy areas.

In an era where sustainability and access to essential resources are of paramount importance, Moses West’s Atmospheric Water Generator represents a significant step towards a future where drinking water is available to everyone, no matter where they are.

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