The suffering of horses in Egypt

Skinny horses, exhausted, with wounds on their bodies. In Egypt, and other countries around the world, equines are kept this way. A volunteer rescuer is committed to administering first aid and educating the population to respect these sentient beings, not work tools

Emaciated, scarred, and forced to pull carts under the scorching sun with temperatures soaring to 109°F and beyond.

In Egypt, countless horses endure this harsh reality as they are treated merely as work tools. Dr. Ali Safari, a dedicated veterinarian, is all too familiar with this grim situation. He works tirelessly to treat and rescue animals in distress.

Documenting the crisis

Emergency cases involving horses in Egypt are numerous. Alongside German influencer Shpetim Shala, Dr. Safari has documented and exposed the dire conditions these horses face. This unfortunate horse is just one example.

With broken hooves, visible injuries, and exhaustion that is apparent even from a distance, this animal struggles to walk. One of its hind legs appears to cause significant pain. This case is one of many they have witnessed firsthand.

In Egypt, as in many other countries, horses are exploited for racing and tourism. Except for a few rare instances, their health and well-being are neglected.

Ignorance of sentience

There is a lack of awareness that these are living, sentient beings who experience pain, fear, fatigue, and have needs. In another video shared on their profile, a horse is seen wandering through trash in search of food.

These horses, too, silently plead for help with their distressed expressions.

“I have seen everything. I am traumatized,” Shpetim Shala stated after encountering so many suffering animals.

Dr. Ali Safari’s Mission

Dr. Ali Safari has undertaken numerous interventions. Originally from Palestine, now residing in Germany, he travels extensively to fulfill his mission. Safari dedicates his life to forgotten animals, not just horses, but any starving or dying creature.

He does this voluntarily, supported by his community.

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