Stop bullfighting in Bilbao? Historic bill presented to abolish the atrocious tradition

Proposed law in Bilbao (Spain) to abolish bullfighting and terminate public contracts involving animal abuse: EH Bildu at the forefront for a more ethical city.

The political group EH Bildu has recently put forward a groundbreaking proposal that could mark a historic turning point for the city of Bilbao (Spain): the abolition of bullfighting and the termination of leases for public facilities that do not meet ethical standards in animal treatment.

EH Bildu’s proposal is clear and straightforward: to end any activity that involves animal suffering. Specifically, the group has highlighted the urgency to abolish bullfights, a deeply rooted but controversial tradition that continues to spark heated debates among supporters and opponents.

The request also includes the immediate termination of public contracts related to facilities hosting events or activities that involve mistreatment of animals. This could include, but is not limited to, bullfights, circuses with animals, and other events that fail to meet the required ethical standards.

Stop bullfighting in Bilbao - Spain

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The initiative has already elicited mixed reactions: on one hand, animal rights groups and activists have enthusiastically welcomed the proposal, seeing it as a crucial step towards ending the suffering inflicted on animals in the name of entertainment. On the other hand, supporters of bullfighting and bullfighting traditions consider this proposal as an attack on local culture and history.

Confronting the tradition of bullfighting

Faced with images of bullfighting, one cannot help but wonder how such a tradition can be considered acceptable. How can the torture of an animal to death, subsidizing its massacre and needless suffering, be justified?

Bullfighting is a cruel and unacceptable practice that should have no place in our modern society.

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