South Korea: the desperate dash for freedom

The streets of a Korean city almost went haywire because of an ostrich. The animal had managed to escape from a zoo enclosure, but was recaptured and returned to its cage. His escape towards the longed-for freedom thus ends

In an unusual turn of events in Seongnam, South Korea, an ostrich named Tadori escaped from a zoo early in the morning. Witnesses were astounded to see the animal darting freely through the streets of the city, just south of Seoul, amid cars, other vehicles, and bewildered drivers.

The local police station received reports of the runaway ostrich, prompting officers and firefighters to embark on a mission to retrieve Tadori. According to Korean sources, the ostrich managed to escape its designated area by squeezing through a gap in the fence.

The desperate dash for freedom

Tadori’s bid for freedom, however, was short-lived. The ostrich was captured about an hour later in an industrial area. Latest updates confirm that no damage was caused to people or property during the incident.

It was reported that Tadori sustained minor injuries to its legs but is otherwise in stable condition. After receiving medical attention from veterinarians, the ostrich has been returned to its usual enclosure. This space was previously shared with Tasuni, a female ostrich who recently passed away.

The loneliness of captivity

Tadori has been living alone for approximately a month. This incident is just one among many stories of animals struggling with the hardships of confinement in zoos and circuses. Many may recall the heart-wrenching images of a monkey attempting to break a zoo’s glass with a rock.

Escape is an unforeseen opportunity that doesn’t come around twice. It can end joyously, as it did for Flaco the owl in New York, or with recapture and a return to captivity. For Tadori, this attempt at freedom resulted in the latter.

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