No more animal shows or attractions in EasyJet holiday packages

No more attractions that exploit animals for the entertainment of tourists. EasyJet is opposing it, applying a new company policy on animal welfare for more responsible travel. Tour operator easyJet Holidays will no longer promote these types of controversial experiences

EasyJet, the well-known low-cost airline and operator of EasyJet Holidays, has taken a firm stand against animal exploitation in tourism. In a recent press release, the company announced its commitment to a cruelty-free approach, stating, “We are committed to offering only experiences that do not threaten the welfare or conservation of animals and their vital role in the global ecosystem.”

Collaborating with animal rights organizations

To formulate the guidelines of its new corporate policy, EasyJet consulted international animal rights organizations, including World Animal Protection and PETA. The aim is to educate travelers and partners about respecting all life forms.

Banning animal-based attractions

As a result, activities involving captive animals, including sporting events that use animals, will no longer be sponsored or available for purchase through EasyJet Holidays.

Matt Callaghan, Chief Operating Officer at EasyJet Holidays, explained, “We are passionate about protecting and respecting all forms of nature in the destinations where we offer holidays, which is why we have decided not to offer or promote attractions that could exploit animals within our program of tours and activities.”

Promoting more responsible travel

The tour operator, which is growing rapidly in the United Kingdom, will now support even more responsible travel to meet the demands and preferences of its customers.

“Our research tells us that sustainable travel experiences are important to our customers,” Callaghan added.

In summary, EasyJet Holidays is taking a strong stand to ensure that holiday experiences do not involve animal attractions, acknowledging that many major tourist destinations encourage such attractions and the resultant mistreatment of animals.

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