Movement as a vital necessity: Decathlon’s proposal

By giving new life to plastic bottles, the Decathlon brand restores freedom and movement to paralyzed dogs: here's how

For all of us, movement is a vital necessity. But it’s not just humans who feel this need; our canine friends also need to move, run, jump, and play.

Unfortunately, this is not always possible. Following accidents (such as being hit by a car) or illnesses, dogs can become paralyzed, which prevents them from living the life they desire.

To help disabled dogs regain mobility, the Decathlon brand has developed specific carts made by recycling single-use PET plastic bottles (although currently, the product is only available in Brazil).

Decathlon’s proposal

Decathlon is one of the most famous brands among athletes and those who aspire to be: with thousands of stores worldwide, it is a reference for those looking for sports equipment, bicycles, balls, and even clothing for any sport, food, and even camping tents.

However, not everyone knows that the brand has always also catered to dogs, offering a wide range of products for them – from kibble and harnesses to carriers and toys.

In this context, at least in Brazil, comes the innovative prosthesis that promises to transform dogs that have lost the use of their hind legs into true athletes, giving them back their freedom and joy.

The cart is called Pethletes (a combination of the words Pet and Athletes) and is made by recycling plastic bottles collected at the brand’s retail locations.

The bottles are melted and transformed into filaments that feed 3D printers, which then create the cart.

For now, the product is being launched for the first time in Brazil, in the Villa-Lobos park in São Paulo, with the support of several associations.

Very soon, the Pethletes prostheses should be available for sale on the Decathlon website.

Meanwhile, we leave you with the presentation video of the carts for “athlete dogs” (we are sure it will move you!):

Source: Decathlon Brasil

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