Leonardo DiCaprio and Jane Goodall team up for wildlife film ‘Howl’

A live-action film about a dog's journey of survival and his friendship with a wolf will be produced by Goodall and DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio and environmental activist Jane Goodall have been confirmed as executive producers for the upcoming film “Howl“.

The movie narrates the story of an abandoned dog and a young wolf, providing a narrative through the perspectives of these two animals, aiming to offer a different viewpoint and a fresh vision of the natural world.

A new take on conservation

Having already collaborated on several projects through their respective non-profit organizations—the Jane Goodall Institute and the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation—DiCaprio and Goodall are now taking their conservation efforts to the silver screen.

“Howl” is not just meant to be an enjoyable and entertaining experience but also aims to alter the perception of the ‘big bad wolf,’ a creature hunted to extinction in many parts of the world and currently endangered in many others. “I hope we can make people understand their need to live alongside us and to see these sacred creatures for what they truly are,” Goodall explains.

Set against a harsh winter

Directed by E. Elias Merhige and marking the first film from Promethean Pictures, a label founded by Richard Johns of Argo Films, “Howl” unfolds against the backdrop of a harsh winter. It follows the story of Harry, a family dog who is left home alone after his owners die in an accident.

Harry embarks on a survival journey through a rollercoaster of mountains, eventually encountering a wolf. This unlikely pair must overcome mutual fear and suspicion, eventually forming a close bond.

The current state of wolves

In recent years, the relaxation of restrictions on wolf hunting has led to the deaths of hundreds of these animals. From 2022 to 2023, in Idaho alone, hunters have killed over 560 wolves, prompting environmental groups like the Humane Society to initiate legal action. Conversely, in Europe, wolves have been successfully reintroduced, though Rewilding Europe emphasizes the need for people to relearn how to coexist with such predators with healthy respect and admiration for these key species.

“We hope this film encourages people to understand and appreciate the inextricable relationship between humans and the natural wildlife that surrounds us,” concludes executive producer Jennifer Davisson.

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