Irresponsible behavior endangers wildlife

Shameful and irresponsible action by a group of young people in the USA: they snatched two bear cubs from the trees to take a photo. Only one of the two was recovered with wounds on his paws. He was terrified

Terrible scenes emerge from Asheville, North Carolina, where a group of youths disturbed two black bear cubs, forcibly removing them from the branches of a tree. One cub, torn from the arms of a girl, was even chased in fear by the same individual .

Witnessing the scene were some individuals who, in turn, filmed the youths to report their reckless actions to the authorities. The video was forwarded to the Buncombe County Sheriff’s Department.

Prompt action was taken by the police, alerting the personnel of the NC Wildlife Resources Commission, responsible for wildlife management in the state. The staff rushed to the scene in search of the two bear cubs.

Only one was located near a pond and transferred to a specialized center for the rehabilitation of distressed wildlife. The other cub had apparently fled. The captured cub was terrified and lethargic, trembling from fright and bearing wounds on its paws.

terrified little bear

@NC Wildlife Resources Commission/Facebook

“The cub’s condition is the result of irresponsible and absolutely unnecessary actions,” commented specialists from the NC Wildlife Resources Commission.

The incident has saddened many, evoking both disapproval and concern for the other cub. The youths claimed that the two cubs escaped after one of them bit a companion. Searches in the area have so far yielded no results for the second cub, and its condition remains unknown .

Operators hope that it has reunited with its mother because, given its young age, it would not likely survive for long alone. Investigations are currently ongoing.

This incident, which has gone viral online, should prompt serious reflection on how we interact with animals and the consequences of our reckless behavior.

Source: NC Wildlife

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