Innovative campaign to protect dogs’ paws from summer heat

The “Salve as Patinhas” campaign involves the application of heat-sensitive labels to the ground that color at high temperatures to protect dogs' paws

With the arrival of summer, intense heat brings not only discomfort but also a range of health risks for pets, particularly their sensitive paws. High temperatures can heat up asphalt and concrete, causing painful burns and damage to dogs’ paws.

“Save the Paws” campaign launch

To address this issue, Purina, in collaboration with the agency Publicis, has launched the “Save the Paws” campaign in Brazil. This innovative initiative uses a simple yet effective solution: heat-sensitive labels applied to the ground that change color to red when temperatures exceed 80.6°F (27°C).

These labels alert dog owners to the danger of paw burns. This system provides a clear and immediate visual warning, allowing owners to take necessary precautions to protect their pets during summer walks.

How to protect our dogs’ paw pads

The campaign doesn’t stop there. Each label also includes a QR code, enabling passersby to access a notification system through Weather Report. This system informs dog owners on days when temperatures are particularly high and it’s not advisable to take pets outside. Additionally, the QR codes provide useful information on protecting and adopting street animals.

“Save the Paws” is an example of how companies can use their influence and resources to promote the well-being of pets and raise awareness among their owners about the risks they face during the summer season.

To protect dogs’ paw pads, it’s advisable to treat them with specialized moisturizing creams or natural balms designed specifically for them. It’s also crucial to take frequent breaks in the shade during walks and to avoid going out during the hottest parts of the day, opting instead for early mornings or late evenings when the sun has not yet risen or has already set, and temperatures are cooler.

Source:  Salve as Patinhas

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