Indigenous Amazonian community’s viral video highlights environmental awareness

A baby dolphin was found killed by a boy in the Amazon, released dead into the waters after being chased away: her powerful message to people

A video recorded by an indigenous community in the Amazon has gone viral worldwide, delivering a powerful message about environmental awareness. The video features a community member who discovered the lifeless body of a small gray freshwater dolphin, a species already at risk of extinction.

A heartbreaking discovery

The grim discovery was made along the banks of an Amazonian river, where the dolphin had been hunted and then discarded into the water. The visibly shaken native speaks with simple yet poignant words, expressing his pain and frustration over this senseless act of cruelty.

“This is what we humans do,” he says, emphasizing how humanity continually harms what nature provides. “What we humans do is deplete what Mother Earth gives us.” His speech continues with a bitter reflection on the dolphin’s plight: “Someone captured it and left it to die just because they felt like leaving it to die. They didn’t help it.”

It was a female calf

The man then makes a particularly touching reference to the dolphin, identifying it as a female, highlighting the injustice and tragedy of her death:

“It’s a baby. The gender is… it’s a female. A baby girl.” His conclusion is a collective condemnation of human actions: “This is what we all do, damage what we have. I don’t know why we do it.”

A call for reflection

This video has sparked deep reflection among viewers on the fragility of ecosystems and humanity’s responsibility to protect them. The images of the small gray dolphin, floating lifeless in the river, have become a powerful symbol in the fight against environmental destruction and the urgent need for a change in our habits and practices.

An urgent plea from the Indigenous community

The indigenous community of the Amazon, which lives in close connection with nature and directly depends on the health of its ecosystems, has issued a cry for help that cannot be ignored. Greater efforts are needed to protect endangered species. Only through collective commitment and increased awareness can we hope to preserve the wonders of our planet for future generations.

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