Horse spotted waiting for train in Sydney station

What was a horse doing in a Sydney train station? It's not a joke, the animal was filmed by cameras and made safe waiting for the owner to bring it home. He certainly didn't intend to use Australian public transport

A sight quite unlike the everyday commuter was spotted waiting for a train at Warwick Farm station in Sydney. It wasn’t a regular traveler or a tourist, but a horse.

This might sound like the setup for a joke, but it actually happened around midnight in a suburb of the Australian metropolis. The horse was captured on the security circuit by Sydney Trains, and the footage ended up on the official Facebook page of Transport for NSW, the government agency for public transport.

A stroll gone astray

The footage shows the horse on an unplanned outing, having wandered through a gate into a nearby parking lot and then directly into the station. The horse was wearing a raincoat, but beyond that, little is known.

The rail mobility company alerted police and employees, advising train drivers to slow down to prevent any accidents, given the unpredictability of the animal’s reactions.

Why Was the Horse at the Station?

The horse simply waited for the train and then chased it along the platform. But why was it at Warwick Farm station? Transport for NSW clarified in an update that the horse was merely seeking shelter from the rain.

It found refuge at the station, planning only a brief stop. Brief it was indeed, as the episode lasted just over ten minutes. Thanks to the intervention of police officers, the horse was safely contained.

Its owner was contacted and rushed to the station to retrieve the animal and take it home.

All’s well that ends well

Everything turned out well in the end. A spokesperson for Sydney Trains reminded passengers to always follow travel regulations and not cross the yellow line. However, it’s a bit harder to explain that to a horse.

Source: Transport for NSW/Facebook

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