Expanding our circle of compassion: understanding and respecting all animals

Respect for all animals, without exception: it is the new campaign of an association, which makes the song Respect by Aretha Franklin its own to make us reflect and rethink our relationship with animals. They are the ones asking for equal consideration in an unmissable commercial

When we say the word “animals,” we almost certainly think of a dog or a cat because these are the animals we most commonly welcome into our homes. They are the four-legged friends we love unconditionally, respect, and recognize as sentient beings.

The animal kingdom’s vast diversity

The animal kingdom is immensely vast, yet we do not respect all species in the same way. Let’s be honest, we know this is true. Many people value a dog differently than a chicken, considering one a lifelong companion and the other merely an object to produce eggs and meat for our consumption.

A revealing survey from the UK

This disparity was also demonstrated in a survey conducted in the United Kingdom involving 2,500 participants. The responses revealed that people hold different views regarding pets, animals used as lab subjects in vivisection, and livestock raised for consumption. Some we love, others we kill.

RSPCA’s “For Every Kind” campaign

In light of this, the historic British animal protection association RSPCA launched a campaign titled “For Every Kind” on its 200th anniversary. To spread awareness and kindness in our relationship with animals, the organization utilized the famous song “Respect” by Aretha Franklin. In the campaign’s commercial, animals sing the verses, universally requesting respect.

Prominent RSPCA ambassadors like dance champion Shirley Ballas, actor Brian Blessed, and singer JB Gill lent their voices to the animals.

A reflection through images

The campaign aims to make viewers reflect through a series of images that cover various issues directly affecting animals. These include intensive farming, hunting, greyhound racing, illegal wildlife trafficking, and abuse.

A call for universal animal respect

“As a society, we love our native birds, but turn a blind eye to the suffering of billions of broiler chickens; we adore the hedgehogs that visit our garden, yet treat rats and foxes as pests. We must realize that all animals experience feelings and emotions, many can feel joy, anger, fear, and more, and whether they are pets, wild animals, farm animals, or lab animals, they deserve to have a life of their own,” stated Chris Sherwood, CEO of the RSPCA.

This message addresses those surveyed individuals who think chickens are incapable of feeling emotions, laboratory mice unworthy of a happy life, and also challenges the rest of us.

A cow, a bee, a snail—none are less important than a Labrador or an adorable kitten. We must respect all animals. The difference is only in our minds.

Source: RSPCA

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