Elephant calf’s liberation from chains: today’s most heartwarming sight

An 8-month-old elephant lived in chains and abuse, but has now finally been saved. He will live in a sanctuary, next to his peers, without any more mistreatment. The images of liberation are a caress to the heart

In countries across Asia, elephants continue to live in bondage, exploited by the tourism industry. Tofu, a mere 8-month-old elephant calf, has known nothing but chains and abuse.

Planting Peace, an organization dedicated to the recovery and rehabilitation of captive elephants, encountered Tofu tethered to a post. Aaron Jackson, the founder of the organization, couldn’t shake off the image of the young pachyderm pleading for help.

Even as he filmed a video to highlight Tofu’s plight, the elephant attempted to draw closer, seeking attention, but a heavy chain around his leg restricted his movements.

Planting Peace initiated a fundraising campaign to free Tofu and relocate him to a protected area where other elephants, victimized by humans, reside. The organization’s supporters responded to the call, contributing to this urgent rescue mission.

Tofu was handed over to Planting Peace. The chains used during his transport are the last he will ever see in his life.

The most touching moment came at the meeting point: liberation isn’t complete without removing the chains that bound the elephant. Tofu was given a banana and, with assistance from another elephant at the refuge, took his first steps as a free animal.

A 1 mile (1.6 km) journey through the forest awaited him before reaching the sanctuary. This was his journey towards freedom; his life starts now.

Tofu was welcomed by the sanctuary’s elephant group, with whom he will grow without ever experiencing captivity again. This transformation was made possible only through the generosity of individuals and the commitment of organizations like Planting Peace, which fight to secure a happy future for elephants.

Looking at Tofu, we’re reminded that this is how all elephants should live. We are urged not to fund activities that exploit animals.

Source: Planting Peace/Instagram

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