Do cats get attached to just one person like dogs?

Enigmatic, but also friendly and playful. Cats are a world apart, but is it true that they become attached and choose only one person in the family? Do all cats behave this way?

We often hold the belief that among pets, dogs are the most affectionate, friendly, and loyal creatures, the ones who would never betray us no matter what. However, cats too are capable of forming enduring bonds with the human members of their family.

Cats demonstrate their love in many ways, sending us messages that simply need to be interpreted correctly. But is it true that cats form attachments to just one person throughout their lives?

The answer is multifaceted. Cats may indeed choose a specific individual to whom they direct their affection. This phenomenon is known as imprinting in cats, a truly deep connection through which the animal tends to follow in its owner’s footsteps, seeing them as a reference figure.

It’s challenging to pinpoint exactly what guides cats in their choice. The reason may relate to various circumstances, such as the moment the cat entered their life or how the animal is managed, including who spends the most time with it.

This was also evidenced by a scientific study, which found that in an exercise, 65% of cats showed a strong attachment bond to their humans. During the test, however, the animals’ reactions varied because each cat has different experiences and personality.

Therefore, cats can indeed become attached to a single person, hanging on their every word, but they can also have more open personalities. There are cats who get along with everyone indiscriminately.

These felines do not seem to show a clear preference for who cuddles them, takes care of them, or cleans their litter box. They care about the entire family. For this reason, it’s true that cats can become attached to one person, but it’s not a rule that this always happens.

However, one should not confuse a cat’s attachment with jealousy, as the two are entirely different matters.

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