Colombia to ban bullfighting by 2027

The ban will come into force in three years. During this period, the Government will have to guarantee alternative jobs to people who depend directly or indirectly on bullfighting and adapt the country's arenas to sporting and cultural activities.

Following the controversy surrounding bullfights funded by the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), a positive development has emerged from Colombia: the country will ban events involving the killing of bulls starting in 2027.

The Colombian Parliament has overwhelmingly voted in favor of the ban, with 93 votes for and only two against.

“We have taken a historic step forward; the killing of bulls will be prohibited in our country”, declared Colombian lawmakers.

They explained that during the three-year transition period, the state will be responsible for finding alternative employment for workers in the bullfighting sector and repurposing bullfighting arenas for sports and cultural activities.

With this decision, Colombia joins the list of Latin American countries that have already banned bullfighting. Before Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, and Guatemala had already implemented similar bans. However, bullfighting remains legal in Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Mexico. In Mexico City, bullfights resumed in January after a year-long ban was overturned by the Supreme Court.

In Europe, bullfighting is still permitted in Spain, Portugal, and France.

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