An unusual incident at the New-Orleans police headquarters

An unusual episode occurred in the New Orleans police headquarters: rats infested the warehouses and devoured the marijuana confiscated due to the terrible conditions of the building

At the New Orleans Police Department headquarters, an unusual and startling phenomenon has captured attention: mice have infiltrated the storage areas where confiscated marijuana was kept and consumed the drug, resulting in an inevitable “high” effect among the rodents.

This peculiar incident was reported by Police Superintendent Anne Kirkpatrick to the city council members, describing the situation as a consequence of the severe conditions plaguing the building.

Kirkpatrick’s words highlighted a broader issue concerning the deplorable conditions of the headquarters, marked by dilapidated structures, mold, and cockroach infestations. Moreover, the superintendent mentioned the presence of pests and the deterioration of offices, pointing out a persistent problem that has afflicted the police station since 1968.

The problem of poor building conditions affects all districts

The episode of the “stoned” mice feasting on confiscated marijuana underscored the urgent need to address the hygienic and structural conditions of the building. This is crucial not only to ensure an adequate working environment for officers but also to preserve the integrity of evidence and stored materials.

The situation has been described as beyond any limit, with officers finding mouse droppings even on their desks. It’s clear that the degraded conditions of the building pose a serious threat to the efficiency and integrity of the work carried out by local police.

The lack of an immediate response from the police department on how the unusual behavior of the mice was discovered and whether it has had consequences on other open cases raises further concerns about the management of security and evidence custody.

Superintendent Kirkpatrick’s statement emphasized the urgent need to address the issue, highlighting the discrepancy between the value attributed to employees and the conditions they are forced to work in. Moreover, she reiterated that the problem is not confined to the headquarters but affects all districts, underlining the breadth of the dilemma faced by the local police.

Source: AP

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