An uncommon tale of friendship

A magpie adopted by an Australian couple has been handed over to the authorities, but is now back with his human and non-human affections. The two dogs of the house recognized her immediately, wagging their tails when Molly, this is the name of the bird, returned to her family

In 2020, a tiny magpie named Molly was rescued by the Wells-Mortensen family after falling from her nest. This marked the beginning of an extraordinary friendship between Molly and her new family, which included not only her human caretakers but also two Staffordshire bull terriers named Peggy and Ruby. However, it was Peggy the dog with whom Molly developed a particularly special bond.

Juliette Wells captured heartwarming moments of Molly and Peggy together, sharing their daily joys on their Instagram channel, peggyandmolly. Their shared activities included playful times on the bed, cozy naps on the couch, shared snacks, and strolls in the garden.

A disruption in paradise

Their peaceful coexistence was disrupted when the Queensland government discovered that the family did not have the necessary permits to keep a wild animal. Heartbroken, the Wells-Mortensen family had to surrender Molly to the authorities in early March. Since then, the family, along with Peggy and Ruby, had been left without any news of Molly.

In response, the owners launched an online appeal and petition, hoping to gather widespread support to bring Molly back home. Many showed their support, echoing the family’s sentiment and longing for Molly’s return.

A joyful reunion

Unexpectedly, the power of social media catalyzed a favorable turn of events. The family received the best news possible: Molly could return to them, provided that the Wells-Mortensens completed a wildlife management training course and maintained regular contact with the authorities.

Recently, Mr. Mortensen brought Molly home in a carrier. At the doorstep, Peggy and Ruby immediately recognized their friend Molly and wagged their tails in joy. These were Molly’s first 24 hours after being reunited with her loved ones.

Now, Peggy, Ruby, and Molly are together again, and all is as it should be. Welcome home, Molly!

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